Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Shopping

I did very minimal shopping this weekend but I logged in this morning to check out the deals for Cyber Monday. I was looking for two very specific items.

I wanted to get Carhart bibs for Y. He asked for them for Christmas and its a super practical gift. He needs them for moving snow and playing outside with Lil Punk. The cheapest that I've seen them in the store is for $95. I found them today on Amazon for $90. I also used two $5 gift cards I obtained through Swagbucks. Considering I saved 5 bucks and didn't have to drive to get them, I consider this a win.

The other item I wanted was a little electric car for Lil Punk. The one I wanted has monster traction so she could ride it on gravel and grass. I had researched it and the one I wanted got great reviews. The issue was actually finding it. WalMart, Target and KMart were all sold out of it. I found it on Fisher Price's website for 25% off. It was on the expensive side at $207 total but I've debated buying one for a couple years. I have a couple other little gifts for her so I'm done shopping for her now.

Did you do Cyber Monday?


  1. I love carhart clothes they last forever and you can patch them. I swear Hub's carhart bibs are 40 years old and have patches all over them.

    1. They really stand up to the wind and you know how we need that.

  2. I went overshopping on Cyber Monday.

    Our little neighbor boy has an electric ride on vehicle. His parents definitely go their money's worth on that thing ... he rides it all the time. We chuckle whenever we hear the motor going. He rides it up and down the sidewalks, but also around the yard.

  3. Sounds like you got some GREAT gifts!

    I will shop on Cyber Monday only if I know there's something on sale I want to get. I don't really go looking around for deals though. I won't do black Friday shopping though. Working in the stores during the holidays makes me want to stay away from that kind of chaos as much as humanly possible. SOOOO glad I don't work holidays!

  4. Yep. Got some great deals at KMart and clinique

  5. I went cyber shopping on Monday in the stores. I'm such a rebel. I bought 2 shirts for me, a pair of earrings for Anna's stocking, and body spray from Victoria Secrets for $2.21. I used all my birthday reward cards.
    I did go home and use another $10 off $10 at Victoria Secrets and get some body scrub. It came to $7 with shipping and tax but I got 2 rewards cards worth at least, $10 each so I think I'm still up for the day.

  6. Not really - I did order a few things over the holiday weekend, but nothing on Monday. It was a busy work day (cybermonday is important for my role), so didn't have much time to shop).

    Sounds like you had well thought out plans of what to get, & found some nice deals!