Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pre-paycheck Update

We both get paid tomorrow so I'm making plans today. My paycheck tomorrow is a commission check and it should be the last good one for awhile. I'm thinking it should be around $5000 total but I'm a little confused on how they will figure out my commissions with maternity leave. I inquired on it before I left but I'm still not sure.

My medical bills are starting to come in. We still have $709 left in our flexible medical spending account. So far, I have a hospital bill for $897 and will get a clinic bill for $142. That maxes out my out of pocket for medical. Baby will likely get a bill for $400 for his deductible. The total of my hospital bill was only $3665. I'm assuming that's for the delivery of my son and my overnight stay. I thought it would be more? Sidenote--whoever thought up circumcisions should have their head examined. I know its common practice but I hate having my son's boy part cut. So cruel!

We did not get a discount on our new well. Y asked him and he said no. He said he reports all income so he doesn't give discounts. He did tell us we could take the next year to pay him though. I just paid the bill.

Our savings is pathetic right now. In our regular savings, we have $34. In our new car fund, we have $3050. I guess that we're also using that as our emergency fund. We need to build up our savings to $10,000. That will be a goal for the new year.

For Christmas spending, we are doing good. We've spent less overall this year. I do still have a few gifts left to get. I also want to buy a gingerbread kit to make with Lil Punk. I hope our doesn't turn out like Sonya Ann's MIL's. I have no intention of making it from scratch. After buying the candy needed, I don't think it would be much cheaper and I am so not crafty.

I was hoping to pay off my car this year. The balance is at $5000 at 0% interest. On of my earlier goals was to have it to $5000 so I accomplished that but it will stay at that.

There are probably some big changes coming at Y's work. I will do a separate post on that at a later time. He's not in danger of losing his job.

I just love paydays! I have ever since I got my first paying job. I can't imagine ever forgetting that it was payday. Have you ever forgotten about your payday?


  1. Sorry to say this ND, but this post makes me so glad I'm a Canadian. I can't believe how much you guys pay for things like giving birth, no wonder the average family only has 1-2 kids now.

    Too bad about the well, and I know it sucks to drain the savings, but its much better than going into debt.

    Hope you guys have fun with the gingerbread house! :)

  2. No, I've never forgotten a payday! Who could do that? LOL! Actually, I had a boss who told me that pre-kids, he would get 3-4 paychecks piled up before he would cash them ... I was in college back then and thought that was nuts (I still do, actually).

  3. I never forget. I check the bank account first thing in the morning when I wake up. My check is always the same but Mr. Ripples changes depending on any overtime he picks up. So its always a little exciting to find out what it is.

    I do forget that its pay day later in the day though. I'm always surprised to see my pay check in my mail box.

  4. Hahaha, my MIL was a mess and so was her gingerbread train. Use a hot glue gun because the frosting won't hold it together.
    I think that you have any money at all in savings is amazing especially after everything that you have been through. I say good job.

  5. OUCH!! Once again, thanking my lucky stars for being Canadian. I was in the ER twice the other day with Miss Mya, I can only imagine how much that would have set us back! :(

  6. It's my payday today too - hurrah hurrah! BUT it's not showing up in my account yet...grrrrr...