Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Plans

We have a relaxing day planned. I plan to take Lil Punk to the library this morning. She loves the library and I want her to like reading. She can't read yet but we're working on it. We've had some behavioral issues since we brought the baby home so I would like to spend individual time with her.

Later today we will make the gingerbread house that Y bought yesterday. Lil Punk is very excited to make it. We might go look at Christmas lights later this evening. 

My paycheck was quite a bit smaller than anticipated yesterday. I can only assume that some of my deals from late November were pushed back when I wasn't there. I was upset about it yesterday but in not going to let it ruin my holiday mood. The bills are paid and we had some go into savings.

What are your holiday plans?


  1. It's a balmy -20c today, so i'm hibernating. ;) I hope to get some sewing done, play a board game with the girls, and read! Sounds heavenly doesn't it!? :)

    We had "new sibling" issues as well... hope yours don't last too long!!

    1. Its finally above 0 here (Fahrenheit) so it actually feels warm. The sibling issues are frustrating but to be expected.

  2. Just remind little punk that you loved her first, this seemed to help with our oldest who was 8 when the time our next was born.

  3. I told Anna that DJ was her baby too when he was born. That helped.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!