Friday, January 3, 2014

Gardening Goal

One of my goals this year is to plant 3 perennial plants. I need to plan now so I have time to research and order them.

I already have the following for perennial fruits or vegetables:
  • asparagus--planted last year in a raised bed
  • 2 apple trees--planted last year, Sweet 16 and Honeycrisp
  • Goji berries--planted last year but I'm not sure if they will come back. If not, I will replant.
  • Honeyberries--planted last year and did very well, they are like blueberries but don't require acidic soil
  • Mulberry trees--planted 4 last summer, 3 did great but a deer got to one, we will see if it comes back
  • Strawberries--I planted these three years ago and they did great. Unfortunately, I had to transplant then when we built our house. They died and I replanted. I'm going to move them to a raised bed this year.
  • Raspberries--I planted three years ago but they are lagging. Last year I also planted black raspberries. I might need to move them to a better location. I need to research this.
I'm thinking of planting the following this year:
  • Saskatoon blueberries--these aren't actually blueberries but taste like them. They are hardy to zone 2 and don't require acidic soil
  • Red currants--I bought currant jelly last year at the farmers market and loved it. The girl who made it said she grew the berries here.
  • Cherry trees--they have tart cherry trees at a local nursery. I will research to see if I want cherry trees or cherry bushes.
  • Elderberries--this is a possibility
  • Horseradish --I love horseradish and would also like to make horseradish pickles

Any suggestions? Are you already thinking about gardening?


  1. Mmm.. so jealous Truly. My allergies are so bad I need to wear long sleeves in the summer 'cause if pollen flies onto my skin, i'll break out in hives. :( No gardening for me... grass is my most severe outside allergy. *sigh*

    1. Carla, I have empathy for you. That allergy would be so hard to have. If we loved in the same city, I would gladly drop off some of the goodies from my labor. :(

  2. It sounds so mouthwatering at your house. YUM!!
    There are so many things that need to get done around our house. I'm not a gardener but I do try. Our yard is just very small but my dreams are big.

    1. My dreams are way too big and I mess up a lot. I figure I will figure it out one day. Or not!

  3. I'm waiting for a book on Permaculture gardening from Indigo. Its a more natural way of growing things and extends the growing season a bit which will help on PEI. Whereabouts are you? I think I'm going to be in a zone 6.

    1. Jane, I had never heard of Permaculture gardening but I looked it up after your comment. I love the concept and want to do a little more research on it. I like the edible landscaping theory. I think i will plant the currants as part of our landscaping right by our house. You will have to let me know how you like your book. I love learning about gardening. Thanks for your comment! Oh, also, I'm in zone 4, but right on the edge of zone 3 so I usually try to get plants that are hardy to zone 3.

  4. Black raspberries take over horribly be careful and I just would not plant them. Cherries, tart or otherwise will have to be heavily sprayed where you live, Do you really want that? Make sure you get plants that are hardened for you hard winters. Pay more at a good local nursery that knows your area rather than Lowes or Home Depot that orders in and does not care about the zones. This will save you money in the long run. Look around at the farmers and growers in your area, What does well for them?