Monday, January 6, 2014

Menu Plan

For this chilly day, I made taco soup with homemade dinner rolls. The dinner rolls didn't raise the way they should have. I'm wondering if it because the yeast was a little old. Can yeast expire?

I have a menu for the next two weeks. I will only need to stop for milk, cheese, and produce.

jambalaya with sausage
Baked fish, pasta salad and veg
tortellini soup
taco casserole
meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veg
eggs, hashbrowns and sausage links
sloppy joes with veg
baked chicken and dumplings
Asian beef and noodles
Beef pot pie

I don't have any particular order to make the meals but I have everything needed. This menu is a little heavy on beef because we are getting a quarter of beef around the end of January. Last time it was around $4 per pound. It's a little more than the grocery store but so worth it for local organic beef. I'm expecting around 100 pounds of meat.

I will do another post this week about the Low Spend January. I'm not doing very well...


  1. OH, I agree wholeheartedly about the beef! We buy a side and just got it in. Such a difference. We don't eat beef if we run out and just wait until the next one comes in. Our rancher is probably shutting down though and we have to find someone else, but the price rises dramatically because of the constant drought here. We also pay $4 per pound. Look at this way - yes, the bad stuff is less than $4, but the organic beef is way more than that PLUS you are getting Filet Mignon for cheap!

  2. Organic meat is worth it's weight in gold.. it's all I eat. As for yeast, yes, it can definitely expire. To keep it fresh longer, keep it in the fridge if you don't go through it very fast!

  3. Yes, yeast can expire :(
    Even with all the beef there is still a lot of variety in your menu - can I come eat at your house?

  4. Yes yeast can expire and I think I'd better go check mine as it's in the cupboard not the fridge. Your menu sounds delicious - all wonderful comfort foods during the winter.

  5. Oh, that all sounds good! You should post some recipes ;)

  6. Your menu plan sounds tasty - way better than anything i've got planned. Happy New Year!

  7. Your menu sounds delicious! We are thinking of getting a deep freeze to store meat. I still don't know of a good place to get organic beef (except Wholefoods) but it's price prohibitive.