Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Deck?

We would like to get our savings accounts built up a bit and then I would like to save for our covered deck. I want to do synthetic decking in a tan to match our trim, garage doors and soffit. I don't know how much it will cost, maybe around $10-12,000. I think we will hire this project done as we want it perfect.

I don't know much about decking materials so we will have to research that.

Does anyone have any helpful deck advice?


  1. make sure to get multiple estimates and ask lots of questions!

  2. No advice but how exciting!
    We might be using some of the tax return for new front steps. Ours are crumbling.

  3. We looked into it last year, and you should have it installed by a professional. Beyond the perfection thing....alot of the composite products have a warranty that is null and void unless a professional installs it. Not sure how big of a space you are looking at doing, but our double decker deck (12x12 ish, times 2), with the rails and steps was running 6-8k for materials.

    I do know that it gets hot, which is part of why we started to lean towards NO for this product. You said it will be covered, so it may not be bad. Don't want little toesies to get burnt!