Tuesday, March 11, 2014

4 Month Baby Update

Little Baby G will be 4 months this week. It has flown by and I desperately want it to slow down so I can enjoy it just a little bit more.

Baby G is now about 18 pounds so he's not gaining weight as rapidly anymore. He "talks" on a regular basis by cooing and he can almost roll over.

I am still breastfeeding exclusively, both for Baby G and my own selfish reasons. I like being the only one to feed him outside of daycare and I'm still dropping my baby weight. I have 13 pounds to go and a bit of toning needed:)

I go back and forth about a third child. Y is about on the same page I am. I'm not sure if we could afford daycare for all three. It would be about $1350-1400 monthly. Yikes!

As Mysti says, why does it always comes down to finances?


  1. Well you could always wait until your oldest starts school to have another one.
    Finances or no there is a way....you just have to find it. 8-)

    I can't believe it's been 4 months either!

  2. Lil'punk will be in full time school soon if you want another have another, you will never be sorry. I wish children still were an asset instead of a liability.

  3. I am glad that Baby G is thriving!!! As for another one...unless there is another reason why that decision needs to be made now.....why not wait until G is about a year and see how you feel about it? Like Sluggy said...you could try and time it where Lil Punk is in school (not sure if you have full day Kindergarten or not, but I am assuming that you would at least need after school care).

    I think family building is the ONE area that sometimes the heart weighs so much heavier than the head! I don't regret for one second the money we spent building our family (I went through infertility and did surgeries, injections....). Even though our family didn't end up as large as we once anticipated, it ended up the way it was meant to in the end.

    You will do what is right for your family....

  4. Childcare is stupid expensive. Even in Quebec they have something that is $7/day for daycare but spots are SO RARE.. *grr*..

    Glad to hear baby G is growing well.

  5. Congrats on your baby again! why finances? cuz everyone wants your money lol


  6. Meh, finances have a way of working themselves out for most couples. Unless you are my SIL and get bankrupted with quads ;) I have no idea where our $800/month went before DD, but magically we had it when we needed to pay for daycare. If you wait until your son is 2 then you should have lil' punk in full time school & your son will be toddler rates instead of infant.

    Finances are good to consider, but don't let that be the factor that holds you back.

  7. Just my .02 but I have never ever been sorry I had DD. She was my third and life was so much calmer, I enjoyed every minutes and right now life would be so quiet without her. We thought about number 4 but that was not to be. Do what is best for you but I think the urge for number three is already there :)

  8. That's so exciting! I can't wait for Jordan and I to bring our own little one into the world!

  9. Wait awhile to decide - you will know what you want to do in time. I feel the same - it seems most decisions in our lives are made based on the almighty dollar. My parents never had much, just enough, and I don't think they ever regretted having 5 children. (Thank goodness as I was #5!!)

  10. Far be it from me to say, but if you want another child, have another child. Everything shouldn't be about money. That said, your son will grow up faster than you realize, and he'll be in high school in the blink of an eye. I know that's not what you want to hear, but everything parents tell me suggests that is the case. One of my coworkers was feeling a bit sad because her daughter grew up so fast and is about to celebrate turning 15 with a huge party.

    Anyway, just my two cents, make of it what you will.