Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Financials 3/28/14

This has been a very expensive 2 weeks.
  • We needed more propane. The cost is down to $2.08 a gallon. For 150 gallons, it was about $300.
  • I bought Easter outfits for the kids so I can get their pics taken. Total damage at The Childrens Place, $80. This did include a few item they had in clearance and a new swimsuit for Lil Punk.
  • $85 for a cavity filling for Lil Punk. She fell asleep in the dental chair, without gas. Lol
  • Added work expenses and travel for both myself and Y. We need to submit expense reports
  • I'm expecting a work reimbursement for about $550 that I need to put back into savings.
  • crap fell through at month end for me so my next commission check will be small. Boo!!! But I will still get the sales but not this month. Sometimes it isn't so great working on commission.
  • Started swimming lessons last night for Lil Punk. $35 well spent.
  • I'm just not going to buy any more groceries this month. Total damage was $338 but eating out is way up compared to usual.
  • We have 4 boxes of diapers stocked up. Target runs great deals on their diapers.

We have a quiet weekend planned and I'm grateful for that. I love relaxing with my family.


  1. I had to shift some money from savings to chequing to cover some bills as my money ran out before the month did. So disappointing. March seemed really long moneywise! Enjoy your weekend, I'm not doing much either, just relaxing thankfully!

  2. Sounds like a good week