Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rainy Sunday

It has rained here pretty much all day and will likely continue most of the week. Its been a relaxing but productive day. Y made a ham in the crock pot. I cut up the remainder and portioned it out for upcoming meals. I made homemade pizza dough for later in week. Lil Punk and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. I made a menu with grocery list for this week. It feels like we have been in a rut with dinner lately.

I had a fabulous day with my best friend on Friday. We shopped, got massages, took a long lunch, and shopped some more. One of the stores we stopped at was a very nice second hand store. I must admit that I usually don't like second hand stores because they're a mess and smell funny. This store wasn't like that at all. I would definitely go back there. I bought a pair of Lucky capris, a couple tees and a pair of Cole Hahn shoes.

How was your Sunday?


  1. I think you have to be picky with second hand stores. And yes, some stink while others seem really nice. But I still scrub everything that I buy.
    And it sounds like you had a wonderful day with your best friend. You deserved that.

  2. So glad you had such a nice time on your day out. I know those days are far and few between with 2 little ones :) I love thrift stores, but stay away from the smelly ones!