Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grocery Budget Update May 2014

We have spent $651 this month on groceries. At what point do I just give up on my $500 grocery budget and increase it? We have added one more person and food keeps going up. We also prefer to entertain at home rather than going out and we tend to do more of that in the summer months. I seem to be over budget for groceries more months than not.

I guess I should just increase it to $550 or $600 a month. Has anybody else increased their grocery budget lately?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Financials

I decided to wait on paying off my car. It is at 0% so time is not of the essence other than wanting to be debt free (besides the mortgage). I decided to wait because I'm not sure how my commission checks will be.

The number one rule for budgeting with commissions is not to spend them before you have it completely sold. My May was going to be pretty good but kind of fell apart. I will know more after this coming week.

I did buy Y an awesome laser level for his birthday to the tune of $320. He loved it but it wasn't working correctly and got terrible reviews. I returned it for him and he is buying good quality work boots instead. I'm guessing those will cost around $150-200. He can spend the rest on something else he wants.

My breast pump broke today. Sigh... It's a good thing we live in a small town so I can leave work to nurse Baby G. I just ran over there a couple times today instead of pumping. I was going to buy a used pump off of Craigslist but my mother in law's coworker had hers for sale. I bought it for $50 and will just use all my tubing and parts. I did think about stopping but I'm not quite there yet and I would have to supplement with formula.

I did a little shopping last night at Kohls.com. I love that online store. Lil Punk needed shorts and tees. I like Kohls discounts. I can get better deals there than at the local used kids store.

We have a relaxing weekend planned. We do have two graduation parties tomorrow. I also want to plant most of my garden.

What do you have planned for the long weekend?

Monday, May 19, 2014

To Pay or Not?

I don't often weigh in and ask for readers' opinions because I generally just make up my mind and do it. I'm not sure what I want to do in this situation. I'm debating paying off my car which has a balance of $2600 at 0%.

Here is where the money sits:
Regular savings $5300
Car savings $3400
Unrequested daycare flex balance $2100

Should I just pay it off and be done? Or should I wait until we are in a better cash position? What would you do?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How I Spent my Graduation Money

After reading a post Jennifer at Absolutely Sweet Chaos wrote, I was inspired to write my own post about my graduation money. I graduated 16 years ago from high school. I was working at the time and had to pay for my own invitations. I truly saw the entire process as a business venture. I spend X on invitations and invite Y people, thus I will likely make XY for money.

I had to pay for my own invitations. I remember going as cheap as I could. I didn't order the ones through the school but instead had them printed at a local printer. I invited everybody that I could think of, people from school, church, neighbors, coworkers, relatives, everybody I could think of. I really just wanted their money.

Many people came to my party and I had a great time. Aside: this was before my entire family life as I knew it would fall apart. I had a wonderful time at my party. I also made about $800 thanks to the generosity of some relatives and friends.

I took all the money and bought a ticket to Dallas to see my older sister. I had a wonderful time there. She took me to gay bars, dance clubs, strip clubs, shopping, picking up guys, out drinking and partying all night. Honestly, it was a fabulous time. It was my first real vacation and I loved it!

I wasn't planning on going to college at the time so this was my fun way to spend my graduation money. I have no regrets (except for possibly having the wrong motivation when I invited everybody).

How did you spend your graduation money?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Next Raise Already Spent!!!

Y is a journeyman plumber and his boss is a master plumber. His boss is on very thin ice. He actually told one of his bosses that he was a F%*#ing idiot. Y is eligible to take his master plumber test in October. I am pretty confident that Y will be the next master plumber there which will come with a large pay raise, likely around $10,000 more annually.

We already have it spent in our plans. We want it to go to daycare. We want another baby. We've toyed around with the idea since Baby G was about a month old and its not going away. We just don't feel that our family is complete yet.

We could have lots of money or another baby. I think we are a bit crazy to even entertain the idea :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Happenings

It is Y's birthday on Monday and I bought him a laser level. It was on sale for $300. He told me last weekend that he was going to buy it because he needs it to build our deck. He also wanted it so he could do some ditching. I kind of freaked out last weekend in the store when he was going to get it. I hadn't planned on buying it for him but it is the perfect present because he is saving us money by building the deck himself.

I noticed an error this week in my checkbook. I had not recorded a $400 payment to my credit card. I have as pretty bummed when I figured it because I had to transfer money out of our savings.

Y might have to work today which really stinks. I would like to go to the local nursery to buy my garden plants this weekend. If I wait too long, they tend to get picked over. I've tried growing tomatoes from seed but I don't have a good place to do it in my house. It's worth it to buy good quality garden plants.

Tomorrow is my special day. I love celebrating being a mom. Happy Mothers day to all of my fellow mommy bloggers!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Breastfeeding and Work

Baby G is almost 6 months old and has been exclusively breastfed until just recently when we started introducing baby food and baby cereal. This is the story of how I've managed to balance work and breastfeeding.

I returned to work when Baby G was about two months old. I hadn't planned on going to breastfeed him on my lunch. I called the director of my daycare the first morning I was back at work to deal with getting his immunization record. She mentioned that I could stop by any time to feed him if I wanted. I told her I would stop by at lunch to nurse him. I went there at lunch that day and continued to go every day thereafter. It is nap time when I go so all the lights are off. The baby room that Baby G is in is like a little apartment. The caretaker is the only one in his room besides the other three babies but they are usually in their cribs in a different room napping. Nursing Baby G at lunchtime is my time to relax and bond with him. It is an instant tension reliever.

I treat my lunch appointment with Baby G as I would any other appointment. It is on my calendar and I make sure I keep it. My coworkers know that I take lunch at 11:30 and if I need to change that, I need advanced notice so I can let my daycare know.

The other part that goes with breastfeeding is pumping. I work at three different locations. The first location has a large restroom with a separate lounge area. I had to find an acceptable area to pump at the other locations. I absolutely will not pump in a bathroom without a separate lounge area. I found a place in two separate storage areas. I never asked my boss but just spoke to whomever at the locations.

I didn't ask because pumping is my legal right and I treat it as such. I even had a work conference in March. I emailed the marketing person ahead of time and told her I needed a place to pump. The conference was held at our large corporate location and they had a separate facility for breastfeeding moms. The marketing person made sure I had access to that part of the building.

I have found that overall both my coworkers and my boss are supportive. Nobody has made any negative comments to me. I would just shrug off anything if somebody did have the nerve to say something.

Have you been a working mom who breastfed? How did it go for you?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Expensive Weekend

I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $300. I had not done a big shop for a long time and our pantry was really feeling it. We were out of so many basics. I haven't received a larger paycheck since December so we had been slowly eating down the pantry and freezer. My paycheck this month should be considerably larger so I wanted to restock.

Y is also planning a trip to Menards and Lowe's to buy decking materials. He will just be buying for the support structure. I also want him to pick up a long squeegee to wash our outside windows. I could hire it out but I might as well buy the necessary items to do it myself.

We had friends over for dinner last night. It was the first time we had hung out with them. Dinner went well but Lil Punk was rude, embarrassingly so. I hope they give us another chance. Making new friends that we all like is never easy. I'm certainly open to tips if you have any.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Car Payment Snowflake

I received my reimbursement today for a month and a half of work expenses to the tune of $380. I applied it directly to my car balance. It brings the balance to $3120. I want to get that paid sooner than later so I'm now trying to pay extra every month. I did apply an extra $300 last month that was from work reimbursements, too.

I started the year owing $5000 on my car so we're definitely heading in the right direction. Woohoo!