Thursday, May 15, 2014

How I Spent my Graduation Money

After reading a post Jennifer at Absolutely Sweet Chaos wrote, I was inspired to write my own post about my graduation money. I graduated 16 years ago from high school. I was working at the time and had to pay for my own invitations. I truly saw the entire process as a business venture. I spend X on invitations and invite Y people, thus I will likely make XY for money.

I had to pay for my own invitations. I remember going as cheap as I could. I didn't order the ones through the school but instead had them printed at a local printer. I invited everybody that I could think of, people from school, church, neighbors, coworkers, relatives, everybody I could think of. I really just wanted their money.

Many people came to my party and I had a great time. Aside: this was before my entire family life as I knew it would fall apart. I had a wonderful time at my party. I also made about $800 thanks to the generosity of some relatives and friends.

I took all the money and bought a ticket to Dallas to see my older sister. I had a wonderful time there. She took me to gay bars, dance clubs, strip clubs, shopping, picking up guys, out drinking and partying all night. Honestly, it was a fabulous time. It was my first real vacation and I loved it!

I wasn't planning on going to college at the time so this was my fun way to spend my graduation money. I have no regrets (except for possibly having the wrong motivation when I invited everybody).

How did you spend your graduation money?


  1. WOW! I had no idea you went wild like that! I did the gay scene in Dallas, though no strip clubs. I put all my money towards school, but I did not get much and I needed it as parents were not paying for it!

    1. My 34 year old self cringes at the thought of my 18 year old self being so wild and reckless. We only went to the strip club because my sister knew somebody so I could drink there. Good thing nothing happened to me.

  2. I don't remember what I got for graduation from HS...but it wasn't anywhere close to $800. I probably most of it away for spending money when I went to college.

    I think your trip sounds fabulous.

  3. Woo hoo fun times!! Sounds like a blast! Getting money at graduation isn't a tradition around here so all I got were cards :( Oh well, I likely would have just fritzed it away!

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  5. You do have a wild side :)

  6. I have no idea how much money I got. I didn't get very many large amounts, but I do know that it added up. Shortly after graduation, my mom got mad at me and started moving my stuff onto the porch. I moved into my grandparents garage for 2 months and lived off the graduation money, then moved away for college and got a job working about 32 hours a week. My dad said he'd pay for my wedding if I waited six months, so I lived in my dad's 5th wheel in an RV Park for the next six months then DH and I got married.