Monday, June 9, 2014

Financial Errands

I will get this list of financial to-dos done this week:
  • Submit medical flex reimbursement
  • Submit daycare flex reimbursement
  • Return Wee-ride to Amazon
  • Request work expense reimbursement --need most recent cell phone bill
  • Deposit insurance check--this was from an accident almost two years ago but just received the last payment last week.
I've been putting off all of this stuff and need to just so it. Writing it down should be motivation for me.


  1. That's quite the list! Hope you get most of it done. I too procrastinate sending stuff, even when I carry it around for days.

    1. I think of doing this stuff at night when I need to do it during the day. Its just kind of annoying but I will get it done :)