Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 Spending

We had a fairly good July with regard to spending considering we went out of town camping and went to the lake for a day trip.

Eating out 115.99--fairly high for us but we were traveling a bit
Entertainment 1.61--just one Redbox movie
Alcohol 173.32--Ouch! We were definitely overbudget here. We spent $50 alone last weekend because we bought extra for our family.
Gas 447.90--again, traveling is expensive
House 117.54
Personal Care 46.93--had to add this category as I can't fit toiletries for the whole fam into our grocery budget
Y misc 98.24
me misc 90
Clothing 206.13--needed a new swimsuit and some Crazy Days specials
Groceries 488.25--could be better but could be much worse. $150 was for groceries to bring for camping as we were in charge of certain meals.

We definitely spent more on alcohol and groceries due to camping but we didn't pay for the gas for the boat or the campsite. It all works out.

How was your July?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Update

I have a stir fry planned for tonight with eggplant, summer squash, onions and bok Choy, all from my garden. I hope its good.

Camping was fun but I'm so so tired. We went tubing and kneeboarding. Add in sleeping on an air mattress in a tent with a baby and it makes one tired mama. 

How is your garden coming along if you have one? I just love hearing about everybody's gardens.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Update

Today is my Friday. We are going camping tomorrow with my older brother and his family and two of my sisters. I'm so excited!! It will probably be expensive as we are driving 3 hours to get there but this is our annual get together.

Our credit cards were hacked yesterday. I caught it right away when the charges were still pending. I canceled our cards and reordered new ones. Meanwhile we are using our debit cards. Its kind of a pain because I now have to constantly balance our checkbook. I haven't done daily balancing for a long time.

We have been riding bikes in the evening. Baby G sits in a bike trailer and Lil Punk is on a Weeride Copilot behind my bike. It's a fun workout and good family time. We have only been going 4 miles but 4 miles on gravel is a workout, especially with the wind here :).

Work is going very well. July should be my best month ever for commissions. August will be a little slower and I'm grateful for that. I plan to invest most of my big fat commission check!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How I Plan to Build Wealth

My plan going forward is to build wealth through a taxable investment account. I plan to actively invest all extra money we have. I have talked to my broker and I'm not sure if we will do this through individual stocks or mutual funds. It will depend on what the market is doing when the money is invested.

We have almost $10,000 in our emergency fund. I plan to keep it at that. The $2000 on the credit card will be paid when I get the statement. I only put it on there to get the credit card rewards.

We had about $13,000 in our taxable account until we built our house. I'm super excited to have this as our next financial goal.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back in Debt

I almost feel a little bad for posting this after the comments on my previous post but here goes.

Y bought a new to him pickup yesterday, a 2012 Dodge Ram. He traded in his pickup. Here are the numbers:
Price of new pickup $30,000 plus $1540 in taxes and registration
trade in $4000
credit card $2000
cash down $10,000
financed $15,540 at 2.66% for 48 months, payment of $342.03

Yes, we were debt free for one day. I'm not going to focus on paying this off right away. I want to build wealth by investing instead. More to come on that later.

How ironic!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday, Monday...

Just a general update...

On the situation with my mother, thank you all for your kind words. I don't know yet what I'm willing to do. I prayed about it with my bff and I have some peace for now. It's a work in progress.

My cell phone broke. Not so happy about that. I do have an older phone from my sister that I will likely use instead of buying one.

Lil Punk is sick this afternoon so I'm home with her. We took a little nap this afternoon. She is still just laying on the couch so I know she's not really feeling better. Poor little girl.

Tomorrow is our payday. It is a commission check for me and a very good one. I plan to pay off my car, $2200. I also intend to transfer some to the new car fund which is for a new pickup for Y. I was planning on saving enough to pay cash for our next vehicle but it looks like that won't be happening. His pickup is on its last leg and we would like to sell/trade it before anything happens.

I'm a little annoyed that I will be out of debt and likely right back in it. Probably another post coming on the vehicle situation.

I also need to add up grocery spending.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Family Drama

Thankfully I'm anonymous here. Here is a post with too much info.

I had a tumultuous childhood. I have 5 siblings and violent parents. My mother was very abusive, verbally, physically and emotionally.

Things went from bad to worse when I was 22. My younger brother drugged me and raped me in my parents house. He is a monster. My mother's reaction was just as bad. She basically said it was my fault too, even though I was found unconscious. She kept my brother employed by her and my dad because they had financial obligations. He still lives with them. She even lied to the police and refused to give them any information after I went in for a rape kit.

I turned to counseling several years after it happened to somewhat sort out my life. I have tried to do my best.

I cut contact with my mother almost 4 years ago when she wanted me to bring Lil Punk around my brother. We had a huge fight on the phone. She told me that I was a willing participant with my brother. I cut ties.

I got a voicemail from my brother today that she has a brain tumor and is going to have an operation.

What would you do?

I know this post is very convoluted. My stomach is in knots.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mid-Year Retirement Update

One of my goals for this year was to increase our retirement accounts to $100,000. We started with $80,141.07. I'm happy to report that as of June 30, our accounts are at $91,392.36. Woohoo!!! I can't believe that we are over 50% of our goal when I was on maternity leave last winter. I can't wait to hit six figures!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Upped My Retirement Contributions

I increased my 401k contributions to 10% today. I also get a 5% match that isn't affected by this. I'm really nervous because my paychecks will be smaller. But I don't want to be poor when I'm older. But I have so much other stuff to save or pay for.

I'm still a bit torn on this decision.

For groceries, we've spent $123 so far this month. We are about right on pace for the month. The sad thing is that I don't feel like we've bought much food for that price. I did buy steaks and stuff for kebobs over the long weekend. It was a splurge but cheaper than going out. We've only spent $14 on eating out when we grabbed breakfast on our way to the lake last weekend.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 2014 Zillow Value

I don't put much faith in Zillow but I do check it occasionally. The Zillow estimate for our house this month is up to $321,813. I think that the value is around $325,000 based on the comparables but it's a little hard as our property is very unique. We have almost 20 acres with a beautiful old barn but a new house. We have around $350,000 into the lot and house. We have no intention of selling any time soon so it doesn't really matter.

Do you check Zillow? Do you think its accurate?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2 Days In

Y stopped and picked up a few things for his lunches. We are at $45 spent for July. It's those sneaky little trips that really add up if you don't track them. We still gave food in our fridge and I'm hoping that my garden starts to produce veggies soon. I think that green onions, lettuce and radishes will be ready soon.

We are having friends over tomorrow night to shoot off fireworks and have a couple drinks outside. I might pick up stuff for s'mores.

Have a great Fourth of July!!!