Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2 Days In

Y stopped and picked up a few things for his lunches. We are at $45 spent for July. It's those sneaky little trips that really add up if you don't track them. We still gave food in our fridge and I'm hoping that my garden starts to produce veggies soon. I think that green onions, lettuce and radishes will be ready soon.

We are having friends over tomorrow night to shoot off fireworks and have a couple drinks outside. I might pick up stuff for s'mores.

Have a great Fourth of July!!!

1 comment:

  1. Broken, distant family, basically no friends, and obviously, still single.

    I'll be alone on 4th of July, and customers at my job telling me to have a good holiday will tear into my skin like a million little knives. This is why you shouldn't tell strangers to have a good weekend or a good holiday. The intentions are supposedly nice, but I know they don't really give a crap how my life goes. I wish they'd just keep their mouths shut.

    Oh well. Enjoy yours anyway, sounds like you will.