Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 Spending

We had a fairly good July with regard to spending considering we went out of town camping and went to the lake for a day trip.

Eating out 115.99--fairly high for us but we were traveling a bit
Entertainment 1.61--just one Redbox movie
Alcohol 173.32--Ouch! We were definitely overbudget here. We spent $50 alone last weekend because we bought extra for our family.
Gas 447.90--again, traveling is expensive
House 117.54
Personal Care 46.93--had to add this category as I can't fit toiletries for the whole fam into our grocery budget
Y misc 98.24
me misc 90
Clothing 206.13--needed a new swimsuit and some Crazy Days specials
Groceries 488.25--could be better but could be much worse. $150 was for groceries to bring for camping as we were in charge of certain meals.

We definitely spent more on alcohol and groceries due to camping but we didn't pay for the gas for the boat or the campsite. It all works out.

How was your July?


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  2. I remember Crazy Days, we don't have them anymore here.

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  4. This entire summer has been expensive. Getting DJ ready and having so many other things pop up along the way. I'm hoping once we drop the boy off at school it will end. Right?