Thursday, August 28, 2014

Minnesota Accents

I seem to have lost my pf blogging mojo so I'm just going to blog about whatever.

I got into an interesting conversation with Rivulet over at $12 A Day about accents.  I'm from Minnesota which has one of the most made fun of accents in the country.  If you have seen the movie Fargo you know what I'm talking about. The accent is usually done wrong in the movies but it is there.  It has its roots in a strong Scandinavian background.

My grandparents were Norwegian and even though they were both born in the States they never lost the thick accent.  The o's are longer and th is often pronounced as d.  When you listen to them talk, it is very up and down with accentuating different syllables than normal.  When Y first met my grandma, he asked where she was from and couldn't believe that she had lived in MN her whole life.

I could hear the accent before I moved away but when I lived in TN and went back, I could really hear it.  I live now in North Dakota and the accent here is not as pronounced because it was settled by many Germans.

Anyways, I'm proud to have Norwegian ancestry.  Norwegians came here and worked their own land to make a modest living.  They were typically educated and women played a strong role in farm life from taking care of the house to working the fields with their husbands.

Anybody else have Norwegian ties?  What is your ancestry?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School!!!

Today Lil Punk started kindergarten.  As she just turned 5 a few weeks ago, she will be one of the youngest but she is ready to go.  We went yesterday at 4 to meet her teacher and drop off her supplies.  It was a little hard to say goodbye this morning but she, I mean we, managed.  I also paid for her lunches which are 1.75 a day plus milk.  I just wrote a check for $100 and was directed to their online system.  I have no intention of paying extra to use the online system.

Her bus driver also came over to our house last night to meet Lil Punk last night.  He is a very nice man.  I was a little surprised that he made the effort to come over on his own time so my little kindergartener wasn't scared when she got on the bus.

I talked to her about how her day went and she was pretty excited.  She likes her teacher and is overall very excited to finally be in school.

I will post a different time why we decided to send her to public schools over the private one that she had preschool at.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden Bounty

My garden is producing quite a few veggies and fruits so I thought I would update.  I am making a roast later with potatoes, carrots, onions and thyme from my garden.  This will be the first time that we have eaten any potatoes from the garden.  I have made quite a few stir fry meals with fresh eggplant, baby summer squash, onion and peppers.  So far we have had peas, grean beans, kohlrabi, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, bok choy, eggplant, summer squash, and onions.  We had a few radishes right away but it wasn't a good year for those.  Our tomatoes are just getting into full swing and I'm happy about that because I love LOVE tomatoes.  Cucumbers and melons are growing but haven't produced anything big enough to eat yet.

Our sweet corn completely failed this year.  Thankfully a guy I know came into work and gave me a bag of sweet corn.  Since he is a farmer and had a ton of sweet corn, he invited me over to pick as much as I wanted to freeze.  The kiddos and I went over that night.  We picked enough to freeze 24 quart freezer bags of corn.  We should be good for the winter.  I'm so thankful that he gave us so much corn.

We've also eaten quite a few ground cherries and raspberries.  If you've never had ground cherries, definitely try them if you have the opportunity.  So delicious!

How is your garden doing?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Payday Payday!!

I haven't felt like posting lately.  We got new phones last weekend and this phone isn't as user friendly to blog from.  Lil Punk told me on Tuesday that we couldn't afford to buy milk because we bought new phones.  I hope she doesn't tell people at daycare that.

Today is payday for both Y and myself.  I love payday.  My check is the biggest that I've ever received.  Woohoo!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Update

I haven't posted all week even though I've thought of writing something several times. It was kind of a hard week. One of my best friends miscarried on Sunday and it seemed to put me in a funk. She only told me a couple weeks ago that they were expecting and I was so excited for them. They have one child and have been trying for years to get pregnant. They had just gotten approved to be adoptive parents and are just waiting to get picked when she got pregnant. It's just so hard to watch somebody you love who wants a baby so bad when there are parents who could care less that they are going to be parents and drink or do drugs throughout their pregnancy.

Right now I'm chilling on the couch watching the morning news. I have the day off to take Lil Punk school shopping. She is still sleeping so I'm just catching up on blogs, balancing my checkbook, checking Twitter, just relaxing. It's a little unreal that Lil Punk just turned 5 and starts school in less than two weeks. After shopping today, I'm dropping her off with Y's parents to go to the lake for the weekend. I'm looking forward to spending the whole day with her.

Lil Punk and I had dental appointments this week. I need a crown. I do have very good dental insurance but my out of pocket would still be $438. I might wait until after the first of the year so I can flex more for 2015.

Last weekend we had Lil Punk's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. It was not frugal but it was fun. Total spent was $103. Honestly it was nice to not worry about getting ready, hosting and cleaning up. Plus, it was fun. The kids loved it.

Our daycare bill goes down starting in September to only $800 per month. I also won't be paying for preschool so that is a savings of $85 monthly. Combined that is $340. Y's annual raise also went through and is $80 net monthly.

Also, Y said I could quit my job if we paid off our mortgage. Some days it is tempting. We only owe $204k. He said we could just work part time jobs. Maybe we could buckle down for a few years and get it paid. Haha!

Off to go shopping with my big little girl!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Working on Commission

I work in sales and my compensation is salary plus commissions. I am guaranteed my salary and earn overtime. I love working for commissions because I like being paid for my hard work. Before I had a commissioned job, I would find myself working harder than many coworkers and wasn't usually compensated for my harder work.

Before having a professional job, I waited tables and bartended. I loved doing both and was very good at it. I made a minimal wage of $2.13 per hour and relied on my tips for my main income. I worked hard and was focused on each shift to make as much possible. Money motivated me to do the best I could to earn the most.

Fast forward to my current job and I'm still motivated by money. I want to earn as much as I can without working crazy hours to provide for my family. I won't work more than 45 hours per week because I don't want to interfere with my family time. I always know where I'm at with upcoming income. I like being in control of my own paycheck and having the opportunity to earn more than I would in a regular job.

This past month is my best month ever for commissions. I don't know how much my paycheck will be on August 15 but it will be the biggest one I've ever received. July was a little hairy at work trying to get everything done but I'm happy that it all came together. Now I will have a bit of money to start the retail investment account.

Are you in sales? Do you or have you ever worked on commission? Do you like it?