Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School!!!

Today Lil Punk started kindergarten.  As she just turned 5 a few weeks ago, she will be one of the youngest but she is ready to go.  We went yesterday at 4 to meet her teacher and drop off her supplies.  It was a little hard to say goodbye this morning but she, I mean we, managed.  I also paid for her lunches which are 1.75 a day plus milk.  I just wrote a check for $100 and was directed to their online system.  I have no intention of paying extra to use the online system.

Her bus driver also came over to our house last night to meet Lil Punk last night.  He is a very nice man.  I was a little surprised that he made the effort to come over on his own time so my little kindergartener wasn't scared when she got on the bus.

I talked to her about how her day went and she was pretty excited.  She likes her teacher and is overall very excited to finally be in school.

I will post a different time why we decided to send her to public schools over the private one that she had preschool at.


  1. What an awesome bus driver! And how great that you don't have to pack a lunch for Lil Punk everyday :) Sounds like she's off to a great start which will be a great relief to you!

  2. Wow! The bus driver came to your house? What a great way to make the kids and family comfortable!

  3. Sounds like the folks in your area are awfully nice about making the transition easier for kiddos. My youngest is starting preschool later this week. Bittersweet for sure!