Thursday, September 4, 2014

Investment Account Started

One of my goals for August was to start a taxable joint investment account.  I opened it and funded it with $8000.  I liquidated all of our investments two years ago when we built our house because we needed all the money we could. I feel fortunate to have a good job and I
need to save for the what-ifs.  You never know what curve ball life will throw at you.

We had our first sale for this month.  We sold 12 quarts of motorcycle oil for $25.  Since the motorcycle was sold a year ago, it makes sense to sell the oil and declutter.  I also gave 4 big patio chairs to our neighbors.  We didn't make any money but I like getting rid of stuff we don't need or use and they will make use of them.


  1. You're really on a roll! Congrats on also reaching 6 figures in your retirement account! Most people your age aren't planning for retirement yet.

  2. Good job! That's a great start to that account!