Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Selling Crap

I want to sell a bunch of crap this month.  My goal is to make $300.  I listed a vacuum and amplifier today.  The vacuum is $10 and the amp is $100.  Really I just want to get rid of shtuff but I want the MOOLAH!!!


  1. Good luck! We have been trying to sell some items....so far we have sold an electric fireplace ($40), a dresser ($40), and a set of bookcases (friends and family discount at $25). We have a few other things listed, but no bites yet.

  2. Great way to de-clutter and make money at the same time :)

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  4. I hope you sell your crap! I took 4 bags of clothing to Goodwill this weekend ... I have two boxes of books in my trunk that I need to drop off.