Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Funday

We are winding down a super busy weekend.  We left on Friday after work and headed to my BFF's house about 3 hours away.  It was our annual weekend to make salsa.  We made a huge batch of salsa.  It turned out very good but I wish it was a bit hotter.  We visited, rode four wheelers, had a bonfire and just hung out.  We came back last night so Lil Punk and Baby G would sleep the whole way.  It was a fun day and a half.

Today we had a relaxing day.  I dug out most of the potatoes and onions from the garden.  I still have a few in there.  I picked most of the peppers and the ripe tomatoes.  I'm not ready to pick the green tomatoes as I'm hoping we have a bit of time before the first frost.  My friend's mom also gave me homegrown garlic so I'm going to plant that.  It's always a bit sad when my garden is done for the year.

Tomorrow is payday so I will try to do a financial post then.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love making salsa! We have to keep ours pretty bland these days, as both of the kids eat it & prefer it to be mild. Sounds like a great weekend! Our tomatoes, cucumber & strawberries are still going strong, but our peppers have died out. It's almost time for the avocado & persimmons to be ripe. Yippee! :-)

  2. It is dropping into the 40's at night now....I am sure the first frost isn't too far away.

  3. Our garden was not the best this year. Maybe next year though!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! 4-wheeling and bonfires... I'm jealous!