Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blogging Break

As I was home alone with my kids last weekend, I received a call that my classmate had died in a car accident.  He was a good man, 35, engaged but no kids.  It was a sad day.

Following the death of my boss' husband, it put me into a melancholy funk.  I think that realizing your own mortality requires some soul searching.  However, life goes on.  Baby G turned one this week.  We had a lovely party for him yesterday and he loved it.  He was so excited to eat his cupcake.  He was trying to eat his gifts and was crawling on top of everything.  It was a fun day.

Financially, things are good.  I need to sit down and plan for some bigger expenses coming up.  I am going to have a couple skinnier months coming up.  I still have to get a better grip on it.

Have a good week, my blogging buddies!


  1. "Life goes on."

    Yeah, unless you're the person who died, or the person who lost someone. I wonder if people, when my dad died, said "Oh well. Life goes on." I must say it was somewhat different for me...

    1. Life does go on though for everyone else. I did not say oh well after the death of my friend. It made me very sad as he was a good person. You would have liked him. He once picked up a homeless man and gave him a ride for 200 miles since he was driving that way. My friend gave him all the cash he had because the homeless man was "just down on his luck.". He was a good and generous man who would help anyone. I would never say oh well.