Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Financials

  • Last payday was a very good one for commissions for me.  My check had about $6000 just from commissions.  Y commented to me that I'm paid well for an easy job.  My job is anything but easy.
  • I decided not to put any in our retail investment account as we have some large expenses coming up.
  • We have half a beef coming which should be about 350 pounds of meat and it will cost a whopping $1350 approximately.  Yikes!  It comes out to be around $3.85 per pound.
  • We are going to Florida in January.  Plane tickets and hotel are taken care of but we will need spending money.
  • We decided to buy an ATV, up to $3000.  We really want this.  Y is researching used ones.
  • Christmas shopping has been started and we have a good chunk of it done.
  • I usually volunteer to buy a needy kid a Christmas gift.  This year we got a family of 3 kids--little bit more money but we are fortunate in that we can afford it.  I wonder if they only get these presents?  And who they are?  
  • I signed up for the Amex reward of spend $10 at 3 small businesses on November 29th and they match up to $30.  I will definitely be doing that.  If you have an Amex card, I would encourage you to sign up.  
Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow! Nice job with your commissions! :)

    Florida sounds nice right now - I'm sick of this cold/snow and it's not even December. Ughh.