Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 Goal Recap

I think that overall 2014 was a good financial year for us.  I will recap personal goals in a different post.  My income stayed very close to 2013 which is a huge blessing for us.  

  1. Increase regular savings to $10,000-- we achieved this early in the year and have stayed fairly consistent but we only have $9000 in there now because of my BP and Conoco impulse purchases.  
  2. Pay off car--sorta pass.  We paid my car off in July only to turn around and refinance Y's pick-up.
  3. Increase retirement to $100,000.  We blew this out of the water but I won't know final numbers until the end of year.  
  4. Get mortgage under $200,000--I never paid extra so this goal was pretty much let go in favor of others.  It is currently around $202,000.
  5. Increase giving by 10%--we definitely achieved this.  We have given more this year than ever before.
  6. Stick to grocery budget of $500 monthly.  FAILED!!!
  7. Open retail investment account and fund it to $20,000.  I actually added this goal in July.  While I didn't make it to $20,000, we do have just over $17,000 so I'm pretty happy with this one.
I will be happy if 2015 ends as well for us :)


  1. Sounds like you did well with the goals. 8-)
    Now onward to 2015's goals.

  2. I think you did pretty well! Can't win them all. ;-)