Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Week

I am so close to being ready for Christmas.  I still need to buy a couple things for stocking stuffers.  I am getting Y hot sauce for his stocking.  Lol.  He loves the crap and tries different types all the time.  I mailed Christmas cards yesterday.  I bought them at Walmart for 44¢ apiece.  It seems that the cards I'm getting in the mail are all Shutterfly or something equally expensive.

Lil Punk has her skating program today.  Y's parents are coming down for it so I'm making a potato, ham and broccoli casserole for after the program.  Lil Punk still doesn't really know how to skate but she is getting better.  She still falls but gets up every time. :)

December has been a very expensive month.  I will be thankful when its over so we can get back to normal spending.  December always feels like we're bleeding money.  We are getting half a beef next week that will be $1050.  I have $1000 tucked away for it.  Expensive but well worth it.

In January, we are off to Florida for our vacation that I booked 9 months ago.  I paid for a rental car using my airline miles.  I did upgrade to an SUV so hopefully we should have enough room.  I did order a bag to put our stroller in and I still need to order a carseat bag.  I'm nervous about traveling with kids but Y will be there to help me.  Thank goodness!!  I need to do a separate post asking for some Florida suggestions.

Until about 4 today, we have a simple day planned of watching the Vikings and eating chili.  I look forward to hanging out with the fam before the craziness of Christmas starts.  Have a wonderful Christmas week!


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    1. We are going to Orlando, staying in Kissimee (sp?). I would like to do a character lunch with Lil Punk but that's prob it for Disney stuff. We think our kids are too little for full blown Disney. Give me your ideas. I know you've been there many times.

  2. My husband is crazy about hot sauce too! I'm sure yours will appreciate the gift. I bought my husband pickle pops for one of his gifts this year. I think it's absolutely insane but him and my son both really like them. They've only had them once before and I think he'll be very surprised that I thought of it (and happy).

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!
    (I'm very ready for December spending to be over with too)

  3. I can't believe Christmas is already here! The year has gone by so quickly!

    Florida sounds nice right now! Sunshine and green grass ...