Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Finances

I bought 54 shares of BP stock today for a total of just under $2000.  BP has plunged with gas prices so I thought it would be a good buy.  I guess this is my own hedge for current gas prices.

Y's boss was fired a couple weeks ago.  His position was posted this week and Y's bosses talked to him about applying.  It would require additional testing for him and one of his bosses even looked up the testing criteria and test sites.  We are hopeful.  We don't know how much of a pay increase it would mean but I'm hoping for about $6000 annually.  If it is less than $4000, we would have to evaluate if it would even be worth it as it is more responsibility.  His boss was making $12,000 more than Y currently makes but he had been passed up for the last few merit raises.

Christmas has been expensive in our household.  I haven't added up the total damage yet.  I am probably about 80% done at this point.  I do need to get my Christmas cards made and sent out.  I did go to a seafood sale today to get Christmas dinner.  I bought King crab legs and scallops, 2 pounds of each for about $60.  Expensive but we rarely go out and we love seafood.

I did finish out the shopping for my needy family of 3 kids.  I got each one an outfit.  The two little boys got a monster truck and the 9 year old girl got a satchel she can color and bling up.  I talked to a couple other members in the group about what they bought.  One guy said that he always gave clothes because he figured that kids in that situation needed those the most.  My first thought as that every kid needs a toy for Christmas.  Another said that he went to Walmart that morning and dropped $120 on gifts for 2 kids because those poor kids needed some good toys.  I gotta say that I agree more with the second guy (but I prob wouldn't spend that much, I spent $90 for 3 kids).  Either way, it does feel good that this group gives back as part of our Christmas party rather than doing some silly gag gift.

Do you think gas prices are going to keep going down or will they go back up?  Maybe I should buy some shares of Conoco.  Hmmm...


  1. I hadn't thought about buying shares in gas companies! What a great idea., coming down here, too, but not dramatically. Any little bit is a blessing right now, though, with a 100 mile daily commute. As for them continuing to come down, here's hoping, but I can't see it falling too much more. I'm just hoping it sticks around for a long while!

    As for the toys vs clothing debate, I'm torn. I can see the pleasure in toys, but the benefit of new clothes. Any TV shows I've seen that involve poorer folks shows them heading straight for the wearables sections in stores, rather than the toys and electronics. But I imagine that's a rather blinkered way to gather an opinion on the subject. Why not both? Something warm or fresh to wear plus something fun to play with.

    Regardless, it's a really amazing way to show people care. xx

  2. I don't see how they can keep dropping much longer. Its been a really nice break, but they are bound to go back up.

  3. Seafood for Christmas dinner - I love that idea! Especially something expensive that you don't usually have often.