Sunday, January 11, 2015

Use It Up Edition

We are on a mission to eat our pantry, fridge and freezer down before we leave on vacation.  We haven't done a major grocery shop since before Christmas.  I've only purchased milk, produce and bread. Our fridge is getting pretty bare but we still have miscellaneous sauces and dressings that need to be used.  This past week, we've had some interesting meals like gumbo over pasta, sesame chicken (which was delicious but I've had that sauce for awhile), and hamburger potpie.  These are all meals that we eat but many times we opt for easier meals during the week when we're rushed. This coming week I have the following planned:
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Ham and bean soup
Chicken in the crock pot
Tuna hotdish
Salmon sandwiches--never made these before but I have a can of salmon to be used.

This has made for some interesting meals but I am not doing a full grocery shop before leaving.  Thankfully my family will pretty much eat anything.

Anybody else focusing on using up everything for this January?


  1. I think your menu sounds really good. We will be working on our freezer in the next couple of weeks. In fact, I'm challenging myself to spend no more than $25 this week. We'll see how it goes...

  2. My freezer is jammed to the point of not being able to store our normal items, so we are definitely working our way through the excess. It's a great idea to cut back before your vacation :-)

  3. We have a little over a month to eat down out entire deep freezer before we move, so really need to make a meal plan from it & stick to it!!

  4. We're doing the same thing. I just reorganized our pantry shelves this weekend in order to know what we have, what we need each week. Next weekend I'm tacking the freezers again. I think grocery shopping will be strictly produce, eggs, and milk for the rest of January.

  5. My suggestion for salmon is to make salmon cakes. You just might have the ingredients in your pantry.

  6. I cleaned out our pantry, fridge and freezer last weekend. Then proceeded to do a Trader Joe's shop. Hopefully I won't need anything for a week or so, because I already hit the $500 mark on groceries.I'm going to try and use up what we have, so I can keep the groceries below $600 for the month.

  7. Looks like a common theme by reading the comments! We're doing the same - I hadn't shopped since December! Makes one get creative with what's in the fridge, freezer and pantry.