Monday, March 2, 2015

Grocery Spending

Our grocery spending for February was $694.  Combined with January, that puts us at $1161 for the year, under my goal of $600 a month.  February was more expensive because we needed to stock up after eating the fridge and pantry down in January.  I also made a stop at Trader Joe's when I was in the Twin Cities last month.  I love that store.  I love the cheeses, the produce, the pasta, the sauces, all of it!  The prices are so good there compared to my town.

Lil Bud has really started to eat a lot.  I've had to cook more food to feed us all.  I still take leftovers for lunch everyday.  Y shops for groceries just for his lunch and keeps them at work.  I've also started to occasionally pack lunch for Lil Punk.  Overall, we're just eating a lot more food which translates to more spent at the grocery store.

We spent $134 on eating out this month.  That included me treating my friend to lunch, a play date for Lil Punk at McDonald's, having tacos with Y when he was working late and a few other lunches out.  We eat out very infrequently and I don't see this as an area of concern.  Unless we're in town for a specific event, its harder for us to go out to eat than whip something up at home.  We even had a special Valentine's dinner at home with delicious shrimp from Trader Joe's.

How was your February for grocery spending?


  1. I spent about $150 on groceries and $50 on eating out as a single person household. :)
    By the way, I'm conducting a simple poll of finance bloggers for a future blog post idea I have.
    If you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, would you mind sharing what it is with my readers? I'm an INTJ. Thanks.

  2. Congrats on staying within your food budget! I did too!

  3. Wait until he is a teenager and drinks a quart of milk at a meal! You will need to get a cow.

  4. Both kids are home this week, we are going to have to starve the rest of the month to come in under budget. LOL

  5. You're under budget two months in; doing great!

    And that milk thing... Out my window isn't joking. My brother's both used to do that with milk.