Tuesday, March 17, 2015

State Tax Refund

I was too cheap to pay the $35 to file my state taxes with Turbo Tax.  I printed off the form, filled it out and sent it in via snail mail.  I mailed it the last week of January.  I just thought to check the status today and it was received.  Who knows how long before we get our refund of $196.

I also made another payment to the pick-up bringing the balance to $7000.  This will be the last payment for about a month except for my reimbursement check.  I want this debt gone.


  1. The government has ways of delivering our refunds. We might feel like it is delayed, or sometimes a bit too early. But whatever the case is, you could always conduct a follow-up, or even file a complaint about your refund – that is if you are encountering some problems with it. Anyway, the details regarding taxes could be very complicated at times, but you’ll see in the long run it's worth knowing about all these things, especially if you plan to do them on your own. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

    Wanda Hanson @ Tax Tiger