Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday!  I'm at work today and expect a very busy day.  The kids are withh my Mother-in-law per Lil Punk's request.  Y and I will go get them after work but we are going to go out for dinner first.  I'm excited to have a date night.  We had lunch together this week and I realized how much I miss spending one on one time with him.

Have a wonderful Good Friday!


  1. Date night should be mandatory when the kids are little. So glad you and Y are getting some alone time together.

  2. Enjoy your time together :)

  3. Hi ND just followed you here via Sonja Ann's post. Looking forward to reading through your blog. Happy Easter!

  4. You deserve some one on one time. It's hard to be a grown up at times.
    Happy Easter.