Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Payday Happenings

It was payday for Y and myself today.  I paid another $1000 to the pick-up loan bringing the balance down to $5000.  I also transferred money into our savings account bringing it to $14,500.  I have thought about paying off the pick-up but I'm holding off for a few things.  We are building our front covered deck.  I have $2000 in gift cards for Lowe's for the decking.  The gift cards are from my bonuses for 2014 and 2013.  I don't know how much more the deck will cost and I don't want to cut ourselves short.  We are also still debating buying the living room furniture that I talked about a few months back.

I also set up an automatic transfer for $500 starting next month into our retail investment account.  Speaking of investments, the energy stocks I bought in December are up over $1000.  Woohoo!  My goal was to have $50,000 in retail investments by the end of the year.  We have just over $21,000 right now so there is a long ways to go.  Since I've been putting a lot of our funds into our savings and the vehicle loan, I need to focus on the investments next.

Paydays are the best!  I wish we weren't paid on the same day.  Lol


  1. Great on the investments. I love it when ours go up but they can also go down. Bummer!

  2. Who doesn't love payday? :) We still have 8 months of the year left, so plenty of time to make your goal!

  3. You are doing amazing! Was it your BIL that got so drunk and peed on your furniture? If you get the new set, is he allowed over? ;p

    1. You have a good memory :). He's not allowed to ever sleep on it.

  4. You are really making the most of your money! I only get paid once a month now, it's a looooong time between pays!