Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Gardening

Y and I have been busy this spring with both planting and making improvements.  Y put up a metal cage around my two apple trees.  They were a gift 2 years ago for Mother's Day and the deer love them.  The Sweet 16 apple tree is budding out nicely but the Honeycrisp has not done anything yet.  I hope it comes back.  Our mulberry trees are still little but look to be coming back.  I only have three mulberry trees left because the deer ate one last summer.  We had hardly any snow this past winter so the trees and shrubs didn't get the snow cover they needed.

Y built me two raised beds.  One is for raspberries and we got 18 plants from our friend's dad who wanted to be done with them.  I also ordered another 12 plants.  The other bed is for asparagus.  We put it right over my existing asparagus bed which had 4 plants last year.  We planted another 32 roots.  Asparagus is a hard plant to establish but we love it so we struggle along.  We have our fingers crossed that many of the roots take.  I planted 16 roots a couple years ago to get the 4 plants to take.  After its established, it is super easy to maintain.

Y is also going to build me two smaller beds for strawberries and herbs.  I ordered 50 strawberry plants so we need to get moving on that bed.

I planted garlic last fall and its coming up nicely.  We also planted lots of onions, potatoes, peas, radishes, carrots, beets, spinach and arugula.  The soil isn't warm enough to plant the other things we have planned:  corn, beans, tomatoes, ground cherries, cabbage, eggplant and the vines.  I will probably keep adding to my list.  I have 5 different types of pumpkins and at least 6 types of cucumbers.

What am I forgetting?  Anybody have any good veggies to grow for a northern climate that I'm forgetting?


  1. What are you going to do with 6 pumpkin plants? Open a stall? These take over our garden so bad that we won't grow them. One plant can have 15 pumpkins. But our growing season is 7 months long and it is very hot here. I love to garden but you are setting yourself up for so much work. I guess you could op[en a food bank. You know I am teasing... right?

    1. We have a separate vine garden so it's not bad. I just love pumpkins. They don't do as well here. This what I will plant but not everything will take. I do give pumpkins to my kids' daycare and our friends if we have enough. Our regular garden is only 20x40 and I have a tiller now so it should be fine. I know you're kidding. I'm just overzealous!