Thursday, June 11, 2015

Best Dinner Ever

I got home from work late tonight after taking Lil G to an appointment and hitting up the local grocery store for a produce sale.  I was super tired and didn't feel like cooking.  I make the decision to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I make three, don't cut them, put them in a plate.  I washed grapes and put them in a bowl and get drinks.  I tell the kids that we're having a picnic outside by the deck Y is building.  The kids are super excited.  They dive into the sandwiches and grapes.  Lil Punk tells me that this is the best dinner ever.  Lol!  And no clean up because they all ate outside.


  1. Yeah if the power goes out and you live around a campfire for a week the kids would love that also. I think cold ceral is the best dinner ever:)

    1. Sometimes super simple is the best way to go. I think PB&J and grapes sounds marvelous.

  2. That is a cute story and one that you will probably tell them when they are older. When DJ was about 5 he asked for Ramen noodles for his birthday dinner. Cheapest meal we ever served. We still laugh about it.

  3. No cooking NOR cleanup?? Best. Dinner. Ever!