Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alarming Comment

Lil Punk turns 6 later this month.  She commented to me today, "I wish I could be skinny like T and E at daycare."  My heart broke.  She is not overweight.  She is a solid little girl, very much like I was at that age, but not heavy.

Wtf?  Really?  At 5?  This is so sad to me.

I talked to her about how she is beautiful and perfect the way she is.  I told her that I was her size when I was little and I've grown up not to be heavy.

I don't think she's getting this from me but maybe?  I try to have my kids eat healthy snacks, lots of fruit and fresh veggies but I don't comment that we're eating like this because we are overweight. I made a conscious decision to change our snacking about 3-4 years ago and its become part of our daily life now.  Fruit snacks and other candy are a treat, not the norm.

I know little girls grow up quickly these days but its still sad for me.


  1. I think you are setting a very good example for her in many ways. It's super hard to fight outside influences.

  2. Maybe it's because of things she is hearing from her peers(who in turn heard it for their parents or older sibs)? So sad the messages our young ones pick up sometimes. Just keep reinforcing your values/goals with her.

  3. wow, so young, keep her active and quit worrying ,okay that was dumb quit worrying, like that is going to happen. I did not think kids had body image problems that young but they do as I have seen it in dance. Love her and don't make this an issue. Well except in your head:)

  4. oh my goodness! That would have been so shocking to hear. It sounds like you're handling it exactly the right way.