Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birthday and Garden Update

Tomorrow is Lil Punk's 6th birthday.  She's getting to be such a big girl.  We had a pool party on Saturday and she had 4 little girls attend.  It was fun and all the girls were very well-behaved.  We got her a cheaper tablet but we won't give it to her till tomorrow. I know she will love it.  We went to the lake today for an hour.  We even planned a girls daytrip before school starts.  We're going to play mini golf, do school shopping and have lunch.  It will be super fun but it also reminds me how big she's gotten.  These last 6 years have flown by.

My garden is doing lovely.  Peas are pretty much over now and the kohlrabi is finished but other things are doing great.  We just picked a couple cherry tomatoes this week.  The peppers are doing wonderfully.  We've also had a great year for carrots.

These are mini eggplants from my garden.  I made a veggie stir fry today with these, green pepper, onions and broccoli from the garden over couscous.  It was delicious.  I splashed it with garlic rice wine vinegar when it was cooking and it gave it the extra flavor it needed without the added fat from a stir fry sauce.
These are baby fingerling potatoes.  I didn't mean to dig these but I pulled up a weed and they can with it.  I'm debating pulling up another plant and making a tasty dish for the whole family.  Or I could just cook them for myself :)

Have a good week!


  1. Pretty veggies!

    Glad you had wonderful birthday party and all the guests were well behaved. That makes a huge difference in the success of a kid party.

  2. Those eggplant are adorable! lol So cute :)