Monday, July 6, 2015

Mid Year Financial Check Up

The other day Y and I had our mid year financial chat.  I don't have our list of financial goals right now so I'm going to summarize.

  • We are happy that we are debt free other than our mortgage a d plan to stay that way.
  • Savings accounts are over $10,000 and we want to have at least 10k for emergencies
  • One of our goals was to have $50,000 in our retail investment accounts.  We currently gave $22,000 approximately so we are going to focus on this one next.
  • A goal that wasn't on our list for 2015 that we are doing is maxing our my 401k and we plan to continue to do this.
  • We decided we need to have a game plan for when one of us needs a new car.  We're going to do an automatic transfer into a savings account for $200.  This won't get us completely where we need to be but it will be a start.  
  • We are happy with the way our other goals are coming along.
  • That was the extent of our conversation.  Short and sweet with 2 action plans:  car fund and retail investment account.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! You are doing really wonderful thinking ahead and setting aside. Good habits bring abundance - at least that's what I hear.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. It's a work in progress :)

  2. Awesome action plans! I agree that keeping things simplified is a lot less confusing and a lot more motivating since you are so focused :)