Friday, August 21, 2015


For the better part of this year I have lacked enthusiasm for saving.  I was excited to pay off our remaining auto debt and to bring our liquid emergency fund up to $10,000.  We have still been saving money but not with much enthusiasm.  Until now!  Nothing motivates me more than a down market to be motivated to put every extra penny into savings.  I love getting things I really want on sale and stocks are no exception.

I think energy stocks are very undervalued right now so I want to dump any and all extra money into them.  I'm tempted to not buy any groceries except milk for the next two weeks so I can use all the grocery money to invest.  I do think its feasible that money invested now could double or more in the next few years.  I know its a gamble but I'm willing to take it.

I'm debating depleting our cash emergency fund to invest it all.  If Y was on board with that plan, I would do it.  We have about $10,000 liquid but I would even feel comfortable taking that down to around $2-3000.

Buying stocks on sale is for me is like most women buying shoes and purses on sale!


  1. You are way braver than me. I don't like investing at all. I don't have a feel for it and just end up unhappy. But as long as you feel comfortable. ...go for it.

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  3. So brave! I just don't know enough about stocks and investing at this stage to take a plunge like that.

    Let us know if you wind up doing it!

  4. That sounds exciting! Maybe you can compromise with Y for $1K or something and see how it goes. That doesn't sound like too big a risk in your circumstances and if the reward is going to pay off in the long run, it would definitely be worth it. My sister, a cousin and I are starting a group stock & share saving/buying group and hoping for some return at some point. My cousin has been great and already done her homework, but I'm certainly slacking in that department. We're supposed to have our 'homework' done by the end of this month... Good luck! xx

  5. Long time reader of your blog, we think alike on lots of different topics.

    I was wondering what resources you use to do your stock research. I have some extra cash to invest as well, but not sure what to buy.