Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Update

I'm not sure how many ways I can title my random updates which have become my entire blog.

Tomorrow is payday for Y and myself and a commission one for me.  I was able to log in today to see how much my check would be.  It's actually $600 more than what I was thinking it would be.  I deducted all of the savings and other small bills from my checkbook register.  Since this was a large commission check, I do plan on investing more money tomorrow but I'm not sure in the amount.

I did pay my one debt, the mortgage.  One commenter pointed out that I'm not debt free since I have a mortgage and she's correct.  My actual mortgage amount is $937 monthly and I choose to pay that rather than pay rent elsewhere.  1800 square feet new houses are not rented out in my town but if they were, the rent would be around $1500-1800 monthly.  I'm much farther ahead to have a manageable mortgage for our house.

The energy sale is continuing.  I'm buying energy stocks for the long haul.  I think they're undervalued but OPEC is going to push the price down as much as they can.  I think we will see low oil prices for a couple more years.  It looks like a couple big countries are on the verge of recessions.  Energy and steel stocks look like great buys right now.

I have been getting headaches consistently lately.  I made a chiropractic appointment so I hope that helps.  The other thing it could be is my long hair.  My hair is down to the middle of my back.  I don't have time to dry it in the morning anymore so its super healthy even with curling it.  I am loathe to cut it but of I must to get rid of my headaches, then it must be done.

That's is for today's random update :)


  1. Congratulations on the larger than figured commission check. I count unexpected things like that as free money. Nice that you plan on making it work for you! Hope the headache goes away soon.

  2. I actually blamed my constant headaches on long hair for a good part of my life, I love having long hair and just dealt with the headaches. I've seen a few chiropractors due to back issues before I found the one I currently see. And now my headaches are gone and I still have long hair. Turns out I got whiplash about 20 years ago, never realized it, way threw off the spine in my neck and my neck started to grow bone spurs to compensate for the really bad unalignment/ injury. Long story short I really REALLY like my Chiropractor now and I hardly ever get headaches (I also don't dry my hair and it's very thick). I really hope that seeing the chiropractor helps you!

  3. Going to my chiropractor regularly really helps me keep the headaches at bay (from car accident 8 years ago).