Wednesday, September 30, 2015

$21 Grocery Challenge

I read about a $21 Grocery Challenge for a week at Finally Acting Our Wage.  I am usually up for a challenge so I'm starting today.  I just read about this yesterday I haven't been to the store since then so I have not stocked up in any way.  I am doing it today through next Tuesday.

I do have a few events this coming week that will make this interesting.  My neighbor just had twins so I'm going to bring them over a homecooked meal.  It's my other neighbor's 50th birthday on Saturday so I'm going to bring over an appetizer or two.  To top it off, I'm supposed to bring a fruit dish to work next Tuesday for a breakfast appreciation.

This will certainly be a challenge.


  1. We're very lucky to have a great produce shop nearby so we can get a lot of fresh veg for not much, but I'd still find a $21 budget really challenging. We must eat way too much for 2 adults...

    1. It's going to be tough for us too but we can do it for a week. I have a head of Romaine lettuce, one cucumber, a bag of carrots and plenty of tomatoes and potatoes from my garden that I just cleaned out. I do still have onions from my garden. I can make bread from scratch this week. We have one melon and one plum for fruit. I will definitely have to buy fruit and milk this week. That will likely be the extent of my shopping.

  2. Excellent! I wish you success and hope I can give this a whirl also.