Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Living Off the Land

This coming weekend we are going to visit my best friend and her family to make salsa and hang out.  I so look forward to it as she is just an awesome person and so much nicer than me.  She is an addiction counselor and believes in the best in everybody.  I will also see her parents, her two sisters and their families.

They all are the most self-sufficient people I've ever met.  They raise pigs for pork.  They have cattle for beef and a milk cow for fresh milk.  With the fresh milk, her mom makes her own cheese, yogurt and butter   They have sheep for mutton.  They have chickens for butcher and for fresh eggs.  They hunt deer for venison.  They have a large garden and can everything in it.  They also have apple trees, raspberry bushes and a strawberry patch.  They pick wild blueberries and chokecherries.

They have a separate cabin with a well pump and wood stove that they could use at any time in an emergency.

I seriously want to be like this.  Unfortunately for me, I don't think I could do all this and have a full time job or little kids.  I love the idea but I couldn't prioritize the time and energy to do this.  Maybe when I retire....  Lol!


  1. It's a nice dream and something to strive toward. But not everyone has the time and/or talent to keep plants and animals alive. lolz
    It's nice to have some self preservation skills though and do something to make yourself more self-sufficient. I've gardened and preserved off and on since 1986. I've never raised animals or lived anywhere it was allowed though I have helped on some relatives farms as a kid so I could probably keep chickens and small animals. Cows and hogs?......not so much. lolz

  2. That sounds like my own personal hell, LOL. I like homemade stuff, but I do not have the patience or the time to do all of that on my own.

  3. I'm with sluggy, sounds like a good idea until you actually have to do it. And since my cooking skills are way below par I bet the food that I canned would suck. I would be so mad at me. And then I would get attached to all of the animals and couldn't butcher them. I would be like NOOOOOOO! don't kill Charles chicken.