Sunday, October 4, 2015

Challenge Update--The Shopping

I knew I needed to pick up a few items.  I stopped Friday after work and this is what I bought.

Sour cream 1.68
2 avocados .70
5 pounds of green grapes 5.03
Lays potato chips 2.50
Honeydew 1.50
Bananas 1.28
2 liter of generic soda .84
Cheddar cheese 2.47

Total of 16.06 for a remaining balance of 4.94

I needed the chips and sour cream for the dip and chips to bring to my friend's party.  The soda is a weakness of mine.  I lucked out on getting the grapes for $1 a pound.  I need to buy milk tomorrow as we will only have enough for breakfast.

Friday evening we had the crock pot chili I had made the day before.  I made pancakes from scratch on Saturday morning.  For lunch, the kids had tomato soup and fruit.  I had a salad.  I made vegetable beef soup from scratch on Saturday before we went to the party.  I knew there would be food but I also knew it would be a long time.  Thank goodness as we didn't eat until around 7:30 so we just had a snack at that point.  We had a light breakfast of fruit this morning and an early lunch of boiled eggs and pasta salad with peas and tomatoes.  We had nachos during the game and I made a pizza roll from scratch for dinner.

The one constant is that most meals are made from scratch.  I usually cook that way but I also plan for hectic nights with easier meals.

I will go over tomorrow with buying the fruit for my work breakfast but I'm okay with that.

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  1. I am impressed with your dedication to this challenge. I like seeing what you are doing to make it work.