Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm Financially Boring

Financially speaking, I have nothing going on.  I'm not paying off debt nor am I investing in interesting dividend stocks.  I've reached financial boredom.  I've seen it happen with many personal finance bloggers when they get out of debt.  I didn't think I would struggle to find my place financially because we had big plans.  We planned on saving money, both for retirement and otherwise.

Where do we go from here?  Do I start socking away all money I can with the hopes of quitting our jobs early?  That sounds attractive.  Do we live on as little as possible to prove a point?  That doesn't sound like my cup of tea unless the point is homesteading.  Do we spend willy nilly on stuff?  Probably not but I would like a new four-wheeler.  Do we focus on travelling?  Um, we have a toddler and limited time off, probably not going to really happen.
That leaves us with a ho hum attitude financially.  I have a lofty savings goal for next year so I'm hoping that will energize us.

Anybody else struggling with this?  What did you do?

Side note:  I'm extremely grateful to be in this position.  It has taken loads of hard work and good health to get here.


  1. I am right there with you. I hardly ever have anything to say about budgets and finance because there's not the much going on. Money comes in, mortgage and monthly expenses get paid, investment and retirement savings get transferred, other savings buckets get filled ... lather, rinse, repeat. We are saving for some large home enhancement projects - hello new kitchen, I'm looking at you - but that's a good thing because DH and I remain divided on what we ultimately want in a new kitchen.

  2. You've plateau-ed I'd guess.
    I am pretty boring financially too since we weren't in debt to begin with(and the mortgage is gone as well). But then again my blog isn't just about finances, but what happens in my life so I have lots to talk about(ad nauseum). lolz
    I still like to track our spending and what we save though the saving part will drop off once we slide into retirement in a few years.

  3. I am not quite out of debt yet, but I can already tell I will be there like you. My life is not exciting enough to writing about. Maybe it will be when we are done. I think your homesteading blogs are interesting. I am fascinated by it!

  4. I like you boring. I can't wait to be you;)

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