Saturday, November 28, 2015

Super Saturday Update

We had a nice Thanksgiving considering the circumstances.  My FIL is still in the hospital.  We're hoping he gets out today.  The doctors said that he could go home yesterday but I guess he didn't want to because he didn't know how to keep with the oral pain medication regimen.  I don't think we're being lied to but I doubt that we're getting the full story.  It's very confusing to me.  When I'm confused, I'm usually irritated because it's my nature to dig deep for the rest of the story.  That's just not possible here.

Regarding the dog they are maybe going to adopt, I love the dog.  First and most importantly, he was wonderful with my kids.  Lil G played with him the whole time in typical two year old fashion and the dog showed no signs of aggression.  I took him for a walk and he was great after I showed him a firm hand.  He walked briskly beside me and only pulled a couple times.  Apparently this is not how it is for my MIL.  He ran off on her the day before Thanksgiving and she needed the neighbor's help to retrieve him.  I guess that he is also very loud when he's excited--I was surprised that they seemed surprised at this.  Hounds are bred to be heard for miles when they are hunting.  Overall, I thought the dog was fabulous but still not a fit for for their lifestyle.  They really need a lap dog (nobody was even going to walk the dog on Thanksgiving because its okay if he misses a day of being walked--not okay with a large hound).

I did a bit of online shopping for Black Friday.  I bought a new pair of cognac colored boots from Macy's for $100 which were normally priced at $170.  I also bought quite a few Christmas presents for the kids and another family that I'm shopping for.  I thought some for the deals were good but not spectacular.  I kind of think Black Friday shopping has lost its glow with all the other deep discounts out there.

We're hoping to see my FIL later today.  I hope he gets out of the hospital and starts recuperating.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Health Issues

I've written before on this blog that one of the reasons that we're so focused on saving is because my father-in-law has had so many health issues and had to retire earlier than expected.  He had another bad fall this past Friday.  It didn't sound that bad until we heard that he got 8 staples in his head.  He was back in the ER yesterday with nausea and dizziness.  He was admitted to the hospital again.  They can't seem to figure anything out.  He has CT scans and MRI's with surprising regularity.

His health is getting so much worse and nobody knows what is going on.  It's very depressing to watch.  He now walks with a walker always, even in our living room.  He's fallen 5 or 6 times and falls straight back and hits his head every time.  He speaks so slowly that it's very hard to have a conversation.  He can't bend down to give my kids a hug.  Oh, and he's all of 62.  I'm hoping they are able to diagnose him correctly now.

To make matters worse, they are trying to adopt a 2 year old Plot Hound, which is a coonhound.  When I voiced my opposition to that, Y got pissed at me but I think its a very bad idea.  They need a ton of exercise and tend to bray loudly.

Who knows if he will even be out for Thanksgiving?  I need to change around my attitude about all of this but it's hard.  It's not my job to push for a medical diagnosis nor to make sure that a dog adoption doesn't happen.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Part 1 of 2

Today we funded Y's Roth IRA.  We would have did mine at the same time but I need to save some more money first.  With this contribution, we will hopefully be over $150,000 in our retirement accounts to meet our goal for the and of the year.  We will still fund mine this year if we have enough money.

I signed us up for medical flex to the tune of $2000 annually and $5000 for daycare flex.  That will save us a bit of taxes next year.  It seems like our medical costs have increased mainly due to having 4 of us now with medical, dental and vision needs.  We've been lucky in that our health insurance deductibles haven't increased.  They are still at $400 per person or $1200 for family.

Random thought of the day:  it is highly annoying to me when PF bloggers talk about throwing money at a certain account or bill.  Don't throw the money.  Make a proper decision and execute.  Give your money some thought.  Does this annoy anybody else?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

5 Years Ago

We were in a much different place 5 years ago.  We moved to our current place from the city.  We knew we wanted to live in the country and property taxes were ridiculous at our previous house.  We found our current place and we really liked the property.  It had a double wide mobile home on it.  We decided to go for it with the hope of building the house we wanted in a couple years.  It was still a huge leap for us because we didn't know if we would really be able to afford to pay off the current mortgage and have money to build.

The first day I woke up in our mobile home and went to take a shower, I cried as I realized what a huge step down it was from our previous new house.  Living in that house was a huge adjustment but we knew what we wanted.  It motivated us to save and pay down our mortgage.

Professionally, I was in a job that I hated with a boss whom I despised.  I would often leave work and cry because it was such a terrible work environment.  I was under intense pressure and they never gave me time off.  I knew that as soon as we had our mortgage on the new place that I would be looking for another job.

Lil Punk was our only child.  We hadn't even begun to think about Lil G.  Y and I were going strong but we also knew that moving away from our friends would take some getting used to.  It was a huge social adjustment not to be going out all the time.

I will also write a post about what I see for the next 5 years.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

401k Maxed Out

With my paycheck tomorrow, my 401k will be officially maxed out for the year.  It's been a little hard at times to have $18,000 withdrawn from my checks throughout the year but I don't regret it for one minute.  Going into this year, it wasn't my plan to max it out but as we got out of debt, I decided to go for it.

In the future, I do plan to continue maxing out my 401k.  I upped my contributions for next year to 17% to start with.  I will likely have to tinker with them throughout the year to try to max it out while putting at least 5% of every check to get mg employer's match.

This is definitely a goal for next year too!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lazy Day with the Kiddos

Y went hunting for the long weekend so I'm just chilling with the kids for the weekend.  Lil Punk has wanted to buy the movie Home for awhile so we rented it yesterday.  We watched it on my bed as we only have the Blue Ray player in the living room.  We had fun cuddling on our bed watching the movie.  We also watched it this morning as soon as the kids woke up.  It's a very good movie.  I think I will buy it for Lil Punk.

Today the kids and I went to see Peanuts the Movie in the theater today.  I thought I was nuts for bringing them by myself.  Lil G isn't even two years old yet.  We did the popcorn and Powerade snack for the movie.  The movie was disappointing but I was impressed with how well the kids did.  Lil G sat on my lap almost the whole time and Lil Punk went down to the first row to sit with the other kids upfront.  We didn't go with friends but all the other kids around her age sat in the front row so I let her also.

We then went to the park.  I ran into my friend and her kids there.  We played for over an hour but it got chilly when the sun set.  It was around 50 when we got there so it was a very nice late fall day.  It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow.

The Vikings play at noon tomorrow.  I'm hoping Y is home in time for the game.  I miss him.  We haven't seen him since Thursday morning.  I hope he shoots a deer tomorrow morning so we have venison.  I like venison more than he does.

I love just hanging out with my kids.  They are two little people who amaze me every day. It seems like they are getting big so quickly.  Lil G turns 2 this week.  Where has the time gone?  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

To Roth or Not

One of my goals was to have $50,000 in my retail investing accounts by the end of the year.  I'm currently at $45,000.  Another goal was to have $150,000 in retirement.  We are currently at $146,600.  My 401k is almost maxed out for the year but I will likely get market appreciation for the remainder so it is likely that our retirement accounts would reach $150,000 even if we did nothing else this year.

So, going back to my goals, I should top off my retail account to get to $50,000.  However, I think I want to instead max out Roth's for Y and myself.  We are over the income limit this year but we can backdoor it.  We won't have enough to put $11,000 in our Roth's plus another $5000 in the retail accounts.  I have another $1000 scheduled for this year for the retail account.

What would you do?  I feel like we are behind in our retirement savings.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Menu

Monday--Guinness beef stew, already in the crock pot ready to go for tomorrow
Tuesday--taco salads
Thursday--sloppy joes with veggies

We are getting half a beef in about two months and half a pig in about six weeks so we need to eat down our freezer. I know we'll have room but I also need to cut our grocery bill in the next two months because the pork and beef will be expensive.

The other things I want to get done this week are having Y apply for his passport and making sure we're enrolled in Y's work benefits.  We need to reenroll every year for the medical and daycare flex benefits.

Have a good week!