Saturday, November 14, 2015

5 Years Ago

We were in a much different place 5 years ago.  We moved to our current place from the city.  We knew we wanted to live in the country and property taxes were ridiculous at our previous house.  We found our current place and we really liked the property.  It had a double wide mobile home on it.  We decided to go for it with the hope of building the house we wanted in a couple years.  It was still a huge leap for us because we didn't know if we would really be able to afford to pay off the current mortgage and have money to build.

The first day I woke up in our mobile home and went to take a shower, I cried as I realized what a huge step down it was from our previous new house.  Living in that house was a huge adjustment but we knew what we wanted.  It motivated us to save and pay down our mortgage.

Professionally, I was in a job that I hated with a boss whom I despised.  I would often leave work and cry because it was such a terrible work environment.  I was under intense pressure and they never gave me time off.  I knew that as soon as we had our mortgage on the new place that I would be looking for another job.

Lil Punk was our only child.  We hadn't even begun to think about Lil G.  Y and I were going strong but we also knew that moving away from our friends would take some getting used to.  It was a huge social adjustment not to be going out all the time.

I will also write a post about what I see for the next 5 years.


  1. You are a brave woman moving to a mobile home in the Dakotas but look how far you have come. I think we need another baby. Pkay you can have it and I will just love the anticipation.

  2. I meant okay. I have been in rehearsal all day........

  3. You have come so far. I've been in the same house for the last 20 years. 5 years ago Anna and DJ were both home. Crazy how life changes.