Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Health Issues

I've written before on this blog that one of the reasons that we're so focused on saving is because my father-in-law has had so many health issues and had to retire earlier than expected.  He had another bad fall this past Friday.  It didn't sound that bad until we heard that he got 8 staples in his head.  He was back in the ER yesterday with nausea and dizziness.  He was admitted to the hospital again.  They can't seem to figure anything out.  He has CT scans and MRI's with surprising regularity.

His health is getting so much worse and nobody knows what is going on.  It's very depressing to watch.  He now walks with a walker always, even in our living room.  He's fallen 5 or 6 times and falls straight back and hits his head every time.  He speaks so slowly that it's very hard to have a conversation.  He can't bend down to give my kids a hug.  Oh, and he's all of 62.  I'm hoping they are able to diagnose him correctly now.

To make matters worse, they are trying to adopt a 2 year old Plot Hound, which is a coonhound.  When I voiced my opposition to that, Y got pissed at me but I think its a very bad idea.  They need a ton of exercise and tend to bray loudly.

Who knows if he will even be out for Thanksgiving?  I need to change around my attitude about all of this but it's hard.  It's not my job to push for a medical diagnosis nor to make sure that a dog adoption doesn't happen.


  1. I agree it is hard. If your fil is falling now, image a excited puppy. You dh probably doesn't want to admit that his dad is not doing well so he gets mad at you. Hope they find out soon what is going on, all that falling must be so hard for your poor fil. Cheryl

  2. So sorry. Sounds like he has a neurological disease like MS. I'm 68 and still work. I just can't imagine having to sue a walker but my aunt did the last few years of her life. She lived until 88 though! Yes, as an inlaw not much you can do except ask if they would like you to help and yes, a dog?? NO!!!!! Is your husband close to his parent? It seems to me most men just aren't- my daughters call me everyday but my son, maybe every 2 weeks....

  3. I hope your father in law gets the best medical care possible and that whatever it is it's treatable. Families are so hard to deal with,it amazes me how sometimes people won't listen to good, honest advice.

  4. No, it isn't your job but how can you not speak up if no one else does? Tough situation for sure! Hard as it is my advice would be to say no more and let his immediate family handle (or not) his present and future needs. Someone mentioned denial...that could be a factor as he is so young.