Monday, November 23, 2015

Part 1 of 2

Today we funded Y's Roth IRA.  We would have did mine at the same time but I need to save some more money first.  With this contribution, we will hopefully be over $150,000 in our retirement accounts to meet our goal for the and of the year.  We will still fund mine this year if we have enough money.

I signed us up for medical flex to the tune of $2000 annually and $5000 for daycare flex.  That will save us a bit of taxes next year.  It seems like our medical costs have increased mainly due to having 4 of us now with medical, dental and vision needs.  We've been lucky in that our health insurance deductibles haven't increased.  They are still at $400 per person or $1200 for family.

Random thought of the day:  it is highly annoying to me when PF bloggers talk about throwing money at a certain account or bill.  Don't throw the money.  Make a proper decision and execute.  Give your money some thought.  Does this annoy anybody else?

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