Saturday, November 28, 2015

Super Saturday Update

We had a nice Thanksgiving considering the circumstances.  My FIL is still in the hospital.  We're hoping he gets out today.  The doctors said that he could go home yesterday but I guess he didn't want to because he didn't know how to keep with the oral pain medication regimen.  I don't think we're being lied to but I doubt that we're getting the full story.  It's very confusing to me.  When I'm confused, I'm usually irritated because it's my nature to dig deep for the rest of the story.  That's just not possible here.

Regarding the dog they are maybe going to adopt, I love the dog.  First and most importantly, he was wonderful with my kids.  Lil G played with him the whole time in typical two year old fashion and the dog showed no signs of aggression.  I took him for a walk and he was great after I showed him a firm hand.  He walked briskly beside me and only pulled a couple times.  Apparently this is not how it is for my MIL.  He ran off on her the day before Thanksgiving and she needed the neighbor's help to retrieve him.  I guess that he is also very loud when he's excited--I was surprised that they seemed surprised at this.  Hounds are bred to be heard for miles when they are hunting.  Overall, I thought the dog was fabulous but still not a fit for for their lifestyle.  They really need a lap dog (nobody was even going to walk the dog on Thanksgiving because its okay if he misses a day of being walked--not okay with a large hound).

I did a bit of online shopping for Black Friday.  I bought a new pair of cognac colored boots from Macy's for $100 which were normally priced at $170.  I also bought quite a few Christmas presents for the kids and another family that I'm shopping for.  I thought some for the deals were good but not spectacular.  I kind of think Black Friday shopping has lost its glow with all the other deep discounts out there.

We're hoping to see my FIL later today.  I hope he gets out of the hospital and starts recuperating.  Fingers crossed!


  1. How frustrating and scary for you all! I hope something comes of all the tests, but it sounds like it might be more complicated than everyone thinks. Hoping there's some kind of (better) news after the battery of tests he's going through now,

    I agree with you about the dog. He sounds lovely, but all dogs - even little ones - require lots of care and attention and this really doesn't seem like the right time to bring any more work into their lives, especially with your FILs health as it is. The dog will suffer as well, if not cared for properly, and that's unfair too.

    Good luck with you FIL xx

  2. I'm sorry. It's terrible to watch somebody decline. I hope they figure out what is wrong with your FIL.

  3. Wow - I was just getting caught up with your posts. I'm sorry to hear about your FIL. That is young to be so sick and not know what is going on. It sure doesn't sound like that particular dog is a good fit for them, which isn't fair to the dog, either.