Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Goal Update

I'm able to call success or fail on all but one goal for this year.

  • Increase retail account to $50,000--fail.  As of last month is was 44,380.  I've added about $800 this month but it won't reach 50k.
  • Keep grocery budget to $600 a month--fail!  Closer to $700
  • Pay off pick-up--Yes!!  The last of our consumer debt!!
  • Increase retirement account to $150,000--not sure till I get my end of year statements but probably pass--was at $152,366 on 12/1.
  • Save $1000 in cash--pass!!
  • Pay $1000 to mortgage every month--pass!!  I actually increased this to $1110 this summer so we will have it paid when Y is 58.
  • Run a 5k--Success!!  I so wanted to quit running but my goal was to run it, not walk/run.
  • Get to and maintain weight of 130--fail!!  I'm currently at 137-138 and I've stepped up my efforts.  I feel better at 132.
  • Go camping 2 times--pass
  • One date night or lunch per month--didn't keep track but prob fail
  • Plant 2 new trees, shrubs, nuts or berries -- yes!  We planted raspberries, more strawberries, and black currants for perennials
Overall, I'm happy with the year.  We hit most of our financial goals and most of the personal goals.  Most of all, it was a fun year as a family.  I look forward to 2016!!


  1. Excellent! You hit it hard where it counts!

  2. You have done so well! Wonderful balance between health, adventure and budget.

  3. You did very well! Paying off debt feels great, doesn't it?