Thursday, December 10, 2015

Challenge Failed

I mentioned that I'm having friends over tomorrow.  I'm having a game night and I invited 3 families over.  I went grocery shopping today and spent $85 for a total of $142 for a 10 day period.  I bought enough fresh fruits and veggies to last us the next week so I won't have to go again until after the 15th.  I knew that I was likely going to go over but I choose to always have food and drinks for my guests.  I bought plenty of fresh veggies and made artichoke spinach dip, veggie pizza and lil smokies in BBQ sauce.

Would you have failed your own challenge or would you do what I did?  Snacks and appetizers are just not optional when we're entertaining.


  1. I would have blown my challenge out of the window!

  2. I would have done the same - no one comes to my house without food and drink at the ready. The challenge would have been the furthest thing from my mind in the same situation.

  3. I agree, image going to someone's home and no food. I would wonder if I was a bother and should have brought snacks. Cheryl

  4. The rules and parameters of a personal challenge doesn't have to be strictly followed if the circumstances change and it no longer becomes a personal issue. I would have blown my budget too. Friends are more important than food :D

  5. Um, unless I am on the verge of poverty, I am spending money, especially on food, if I need to. I work too damn hard to be a cheapskate when I invite friends over.

    1. Exactly!! Plus all my friends have kids so its so much easier and less stressful to get together at somebody's house so we never go out. We had so much fun and they loved the appetizers I made.

  6. I failed the challenge for the same exact reasons - it's worth the extra money to see people happy and comfortable. Money well spent in my eyes!