Sunday, December 13, 2015

Funny Story

On Friday at 5:10, I'm driving home eagerly because I have guests coming over in less than 2 hours.  I pass by the grocery store and remember that they're having a one day seafood sale and I had planned to get seafood for Christmas.  I swing in and plan to be quick about it.  We get in the first door and Lil Punk wants money to give to the red kettle.  I dig out a dollar.  She starts to whine about how she wants to give change.  I pull out a cart and put my purse in it.  I start to dig in my wallet for change so Lil G can give something so.  Lil G takes off running through the doors and turns for the cashier's.  I tell Punk to run after him.  She does but he is gone.  This is scary to me.  I push my cart through the doors and leave it.  I start sprinting after my kids.  As I run through the cashiers stations, I totally wipe out.  Thankfully, my kids stop to actually laugh loudly at me.  I fell hard and it hurt.  As I got up, one of the cashiers asked me if I was hurt.  I replied with a yes, grabbed my kids, and went back to retrieve my cart.  Several people were around and saw it all happen. I just marched my kids back to the seafood, grabbed what I wanted, paid and got the heck out of there.

My one knee is so bruised today.  I'm reminded that I should not run after my kids in my dress shoes.


  1. Ouch! You are lucky you didn't break anything!!!

  2. So sorry that happened. I only fall if there are enough people watching so I can feel like a complete klutz.