Thursday, December 3, 2015

Moving Forward into 2016

I've struggled with direction and motivation since becoming debt free besides our mortgage. I have a huge goal of saving $50,000 in 2016 outside of our work retirement plans.   I want to focus on investing in dividend stocks.  I will be posting at least monthly so you can see our progress.

The other piece of information I've been anxiously awaiting is how much our property taxes will be for this year.  The property taxes aren't due until February 1st but they always have the information out some time in December.  Our tax abatement for building a new house expires this year.  They have been around $650 previously and I'm expecting around $3000.

We have some upcoming expenses so I won't be saving any more money this year.  We are getting a half a beef and half a pig.  I have also yet to book our hotel for Playa del Carmen in January.  Plus we have Christmas on top of it all.  Very expensive!!

My FIL finally got out of the hospital after a week.  He's on some painkillers for bad headaches but he's getting better.  It's a slow process but he's moving in the right direction.  So relieved!!

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